• Outdoor Recreation
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Tramping and Camping
  • Swimming
  • Team Building
  • Leadership skills
  • Tikanga a Iwi
  • First Aid
  • Learner Licence


Join us to join many of our graduates who have gone onto very successful careers in the services including the Army, Navy, Air force and Emergency Medical Services. This programme helps you to gain the skills, knowledge and qualifications to meet the high level entry requirements and you can complete the National Certificate in Recreation and Sport Level 2 and National Certificate in Educational Achievement Level 2 with Vocational Pathways in the Services Industries. 

 On Successful completion of this programme, graduates will have gained relevant entry level skills and knowledge recognised through this qualification that will better prepare them to gain entry to the armed services.





Course length
26 Weeks
Enrol anytime
National Certificate in Educational Achievement with Vocational Pathways - Service Industries level 2
Zero fees