• Learner Licence support
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Maori Performing Arts
  • Basic Computing
  • Leadership Skills
  • CV Preparation
  • Tikanga a Iwi
  • Maori Arts & Crafts


Specially designed for 16 – 19 year old. Graduates will have the foundation skills including literacy and numeracy to progress to higher levels of study and future employment. Daily travel is provided.

 Graduates will have a qualification that will enable them to take up higher level of learning leading to meaningful and sustainable employment locally, nationally and internationally. In addition to the national qualification students will also increase their competency in Reo Maori and Tikanga a Iwi.

For those seeking further advancement the National Certificate in Educational Achievement Level 2 is a natural progression as are a range of vocational qualifications at level 2 and above on the qualifications framework.






“Ko te manu kai i te miro, nōna te ngāhere. Ko te manu kai i te matāuranga, nōna te ao”

The bird that eats of the miro tree owns the forest. The bird that feasts on knowledge owns the world.

Course length
27 Weeks
Enrol anytime
National Certificate in Educational Achievement with Vocational Pathways - Primary Industries Level 1
Zero fees